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Spooky Heads World – NFT Collection

Spooky head
collection nft 

NFT project by ilstrator & team🚀
Art handly made living on OpenSea💎
0.05 ETH the first 30% minted🎁
2nd Mint date: TBD 🎃

How It All Began…

Spooky Heads is an NFT project based on a universe where, after a mysterious wave of chaos that devastated everything, each inhabitant of the Spooky Heads World lost their heads, and now they are walking bodies, recovering their feelings, memories, purposes and powers of the head that are placed. With this event, a thunderous voice was heard everywhere, announcing that whoever managed to outdo the rest, and get hold of a treasure called the “King Head”, would have their wishes granted and would gain unimaginable power. Now each settlement fights to get the King Head, turning the Spooky Heads World into a battle arena between heroes, villains, spirits, cartoons, elements and other characters that will unravel every mystery of their world.

Now you, just a body, must find your own head, which will represent you and give you the abilities to obtain the King Head.

The NFT project consists of 150 pieces created one by one by our illustrator, who seeks to represent the unique personality of each character, and be part of the Spooky Heads World, creating a great variety of them.
Three mining phases will be carried out, in which a percentage will be donated to a dog shelter located in Cali, Colombia, as a charity to benefit the affected animals in that sector.
If you want to know more about the development of the project, we invite you to review the ROAD MAP in our Discord group that you can find below.
Come and find your own HEAD and be part of the Spooky Heads World!



Social Cause


Welcome No Head One! Spooky Heads is a collection designed by the artist Bryan Gonzalez, a digital illustrator influenced by cartoon style and a concept art lover. 150 NFT’s handmade pieces are created by his inspiration, imagination, and the respect he has for other artists. We’ll be creating our collection in 3 phases.

To learn more about the development of the project, we invite you to visit the ROAD MAP tab in our Discord group, which you can join below.


Various giveaways will be raffled in which you can participate to become a Holder of the project or to expand your Heads collection


We’ll be putting 30% of our collection up for sale. The starting price it’s going to be 0.05ETH It’s important to emphasize that the collection price will be increase after the first 30% sale. After completing these sales, 10% of the profit will be use to continue promoting the collection.



6 Exclusive Spooky Heads Pieces gonna be created for our biggest fans and collectors.
The Heads will be advertised for 5 days before launch.
After the 5 days advertising campaign, the 6 exclusive pieces will be released with a 30% sale.
We will be doing the same procedure after the second minting date.


The 10% of the profits are going to be donated to a shelter for rescued animals at Cali, Colombia. With this we’ll be contributing to the first phase of the construction of its new facilities, also for the purchase of treatments and medical expenses of the puppies.

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Our Team

Bryan Gonzalez is a freelance digital illustrator, concept artist for animation, and writer; Venezuelan, currently based in Cali, Colombia. He is the artist in charge of making the NFT’s arts of the project and who develops the history of the Spooky Heads world.

Bryan Gonzalez


Lover of traveling around the world, entrepreneur for more than 20 years, dedicated to helping people have a better lifestyle, investor in different types of businesses, computer expert and consultant in digital assets.

Ramon Carter


He was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a certification in personal finance. He is currently an Entrepreneur, investor and educator in personal finance.

Jorge Rodriguez


Graphic communicator with more than 8 years of experience in marketing and advertising, developer and manager of social networks, brands and videos. Currently in charge at Spooky Head of developing the web and advertising theme.

Jonathan Gonzalez